Our Services


Trade and companies in the field of law; commercial cases are followed in the direction of requests from companies, mergers and acquisitions, company general assemblies, company purchases and sales, capital increases and reductions, self-existence determinations and other issues.In addition to this, in addition to the client companies which are provided with continuous consultancy services and other companies and institutions which require separate services, such as partnership contracts, goods procurement contracts, franchise contracts, agency contracts, construction contracts, loan contracts, license contracts, business contracts management, consultancy and service contracts etc. qualified legal aid is provided.


In the field of criminal law, we provide legal counseling and litigation services to our clients. In particular, the legal supervision and evaluation of the procedures of detention, arrest, observation, expression, search, seizure, monitoring by technical means, communication determination and registration, which may be encountered during the investigation proceedings related to these fields, provides all kinds of legal support to its clients with its experienced and rigorous working discipline which is based on years in providing all necessary legal information and support.



International Law at the law firm is mainly operating in our country to foreign consulates all kinds of criminal and civil actions, foreign-owned companies in the process of legal and criminal actions of foreign nationals in Turkey, the Turkish business with foreign companies or their commercial and legal relations concerning investments in other countries and the civil and criminal problems that Turkish citizens have experienced in other countries.Law Our Office cooperates with law firms in foreign countries and offers the best service to its clients in the field of international law.Our expert lawyers who are in the field of Law Bürosumuz have experience in foreign or international matters due to their nature or sides and they are able to present their services in English and Turkish.


In the area of Insurance Law, the law office provides all kinds of legal services for the settlement of disputes between insurance companies and insurers. Law Our Office represents insurers, private or legal entities claiming compensation and intermediary institutions in various matters such as insurance assurance and liability.Dispute resolution and execution of lawsuits related to insurance and claims related to life and disability insurance, dispute resolution for traffic accidents, enforcement of fire insurance cases, disputes regarding personal accidents, goods and other indemnities, and execution of cases are provided by law Our Office.



In the field of Family Law, lawyer Our Office serves with the aim of bringing the highest benefit to the divorce proceedings for the client. The execution of the divorce case, negotiation between the spouses and the preparation of the protocol are provided by the lawyer services Our Officeca. At the same time, the preparation of the pre-marital property sharing agreement, paternity case, procedures for adoption, tutelage procedures; legal guardianship, appointment of legal representatives, execution of the transactions related to the law are provided.Any kind of legal advice regarding inheritance law is provided within the framework of Our Office. All other legal and legal proceedings related to the will, the preparation of the inheritance contract, the sharing of inheritance and the resolution of any kind of dispute concerning the inheritance and the execution of the cases are provided by law.


Administrative Law We provide legal counseling services for the settlement of disputes with the Administration, as well as providing preventive services for all kinds of proceedings carried out by our clients during administrative proceedings.In addition, lawsuits may be filed against the Council of State or the Administrative Courts by the third parties for the cancellation of permits or licenses received from the administrations regarding the activities carried out by our clients. In these cases where our client is not a party, we are trying to protect the legal rights of our clients with the intervention of the respondent administration / administrations.We provide counseling and counseling in the tax courts with all the help of our experienced and expert advisors in the field of Tax Law and the consultation of our clients in all the proceedings before the Tax Offices and the Ministry of Finance, including negotiation negotiations.



Intellectual Property We provide legal advice to our clients in the field of law. At the same time, we provide services in the resolution of disputes arising under Intellectual Property Law, the follow up of legal and criminal cases, the registration and representation of trademark, patent, industrial design and other intellectual property rights, the acquisition of copyright, the preparation and interpretation of license agreements.


Our Office offers advice and advice of expert consultants and legal services to the workers or employers in order to resolve disputes they may have with each other or with the Social Security Institution both in sulhan and in the courts.We also provide counseling and counseling services for the highest legal benefits of our clients during the collective bargaining negotiations.


Our Office serves in the field of execution and bankruptcy law for medium and large scale commercial companies, banking, asset companies, factoring, leasing and finance institutions where he provides consultancy services and also provides legal services.In the field of bankruptcy law, legal issues of companies are solved with the best interests of the companies together with our lawyers and expert consultants.


Our Office, Sports Law in all matters; provides legal services from providing legal support, arranging contracts, providing our clients with necessary administrative jurisdictions and sports boards and representation in arbitration, resolving problems.We provide legal counseling services to our clients in the areas of CAS, FIFA, UEFA decision-making bodies and representations in other arbitration and committees, sponsorship agreements, contracts between athletes and clubs, protection of personal rights in written and visual media.